Focus on supporting businesses to implement the EVFTA Agreement

Đăng ngày 23 - 03 - 2021
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The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) officially came into effect, bringing many benefits and opportunities for businesses.


To proactively take advantage of that opportunity, the Provincial People's Committee has developed an EVFTA Implementation Plan to support the business community to exploit the benefits of the EVFTA Agreement in accordance with the local realities. ; promote and improve the efficiency of international economic integration.

In the context that the enterprises in the province mainly have small and medium scale, the dynamism is not high; competitiveness and labor resources to meet the requirements of economic integration are limited;

In addition, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic caused the dissemination of knowledge, improvement of skills in implementing and accessing EVFTA of the officials in State management agencies and enterprises. still slow.

Therefore, the Provincial People's Committee requires comprehensive implementation of 5 tasks: propagating and disseminating information about the EVFTA Agreement and the markets of European countries (EU); building laws, institutions; improve competitiveness and develop human resources; completing guidelines and policies for trade unions and workers' organizations at enterprise establishments; ensure social security, protect the environment and develop sustainably.

In particular, the propaganda and dissemination of information about the EVFTA Agreement and the markets of EU countries is the top priority to raise awareness about the content of commitments as well as the work to be implemented to effectively implement.

EVFTA Agreement results. Accordingly, functional sectors have focused on propagating knowledge through organizing conferences, distributing documents related to a number of areas such as tax, rules of origin, access to the EU market. , trade defense, intellectual property, labor, environment ... for officials of State management agencies, enterprises in the province.

Propagating and orienting industry associations to innovate production and start-ups, create conditions for private enterprises to improve production capacity, product quality, and meet quality standards of EU and national markets. practice.

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